Pin Collection

Hilary Fromm Pin Collection

BAGI maintains the Hilary Fromm Hot Air Balloon Pin Collection. The pin collection is a tribute to Hilary, a little girl from Illinois with Cerebral Palsy who regularly enjoyed an evening of hot air ballooning with family and friends.

Club member Stan Jenkins created this collection to remember Hilary, who spent many a summer's evening with Stan and his crew, chasing around Champaign county, enjoying the friendship and fun that we have all come to associate with hot air ballooning. In the few years that Hilary was part of Stan's crew, she became a true ambassador for the sport and she also showed us that ballooning can be enjoyed by everyone, in their own special way, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Many ballonists have lapel pins created showing off their balloons. Pilots from all over the world have contributed pins to create quite a collection.

The pin collection can be viewed at the Chanute Air Museum inside the Ballooning exhibit. Over 600 pins have been collected.